Complete Fire Protection

Alpha Sprinklers offer fire sprinkler system design, installation and project management services. We are specialists in residential and domestic fire protection providing a high quality service with innovative solutions to clients throughout the UK.

  • Over a decade of experience
  • All work to BS9251:2014 standards
  • Certified installers
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Nationwide services

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives!

Smoke detectors alert you to the presence of fire but this does NOT guarantee your safety. In fact, many deaths occur in homes with working fire alarms installed. It is estimated that you have just 3-5 minutes to escape a household fire before conditions become un-survivable. Often, this isn't enough time to hear this alarm and get out.

There has never been a fire fatality in a building that has automatic sprinklers. Damage to property is estimated to be reduced tenfold. They control or extinguish 99% of fires, preventing the spread of flames and toxic gases. Modern fire sprinklers are not only much safer, but affordable, easy to install and cost effective long term.